Record it and Post it!

YOU can make a difference

The TedTalk of Paul Lewis was really interesting. It showed how your day-to-day average joe can change lives by recording an event and posting it on the internet for everyone to see. Just watching and listening to it was absolutely stunning and ingenious on how the internet can really show how much news has not been shown to us.

I want to share some of my key takeaways from this TedTalk.

Every day, we carry a beautiful and compact piece of equipment in our pockets. The cellphone.

The cellphone is an invention that has changed all of us. This device is an all-in-one device that almost everyone has within their hands. Do you need a camera? Baam! Open the camera app on your phone and you have a camera. This invention change how we live day to day and how journalism is.

We all can record and shoot our own updates on what is happening in the day today. A crime happened? We can bring out our phone and record it. Post it to social media and people on the internet will give their reactions and share it with other people.

But how sure we can trust the internet since the internet is brooding with fake news and information. How can we truly trust it?

This is where we step in. Phones and the internet are tools in giving the truth. We still have to play our part.

What is our part?

Our part is to verify these sources and see if this holds hints of truth and it can change people’s life. Paul Lewis emphasized the word ‘verify’ in both of the news articles he mentioned. He did his own research and see if the evidence given to him was true and fit to be reported on.

We should be choosey with what news we see. Fake news is slowly adjusting its ways to frame their news to look like it‘s telling the truth. We must look at the facts and evidence given at that time. We should not make rash decisions since this could ruin someone

Trusting your intuition can be a life-or-death situation for someone or yourself. You see something wrong, trust yourself and do something. You can literally make a difference by just recording that scene.

People can make a difference, using only a phone and the internet. This could be social change or political reform, everyone has the ability to make a difference in everybody’s life. The idea of ‘citizen journalism’ sounds like that there are certain people that can do this but since this is the 20th century, everyone can become a journalist. But… we must understand that not all media or news articles online are real and hold a single fact. We should be choosy and make our own generalization of an article if it tells a truth or false information.

Do you want to watch the video? Here’s a link to it: . We would be delighted to hear your opinions on this video!

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